Dear Exploitive Elf Brand…

Recently, hundreds of our family’s pictures of our elves adventures were removed from our social media accounts by a specific elf company. It is not even necessary to name the company since we are not the only fans that have been targeted. This has become common practice for this company. Due to fans sharing images of their brand of elf, the company has deleted countless photographs and closed social networking accounts and groups.

Our family wishes we were able to travel back in time and adopt a different brand of elf. Unfortunately, our children have welcomed this brand of elf into their hearts and are reluctant to adopt from a competing brand that is less restrictive towards their customers.

We published a collection of photographs of our family’s elf adventures on our social media pages so that our children could reminisce about past elf mischief, share them with friends, and document our family’s holiday traditions. Our children have been deeply impacted by the loss of all these wonderful family memories.

My question for this company is: What is the point of adopting your brand of elf if you do not allow your customers to capture these memories and share them with family and friends on social media? By deleting the photographic memories of your customers, you have not only damaged the Christmas magic for countless children, but you have also gained nothing in return.

5 thoughts on “Dear Exploitive Elf Brand…

    • Those of us who have been affected want an answer to this very question. The company doesn’t offer any explanation. When photos are removed from social media, they provide an email address to the individual or corporation who filed the infringement claim. All of us have reached out to this email address for answers, but never receive a response. In conclusion, no one understands their reasoning.

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