Elf-Sized Christmas Book


Photo courtesy of KaylaLoves.com

*UPDATE Nov. 21, 2019The FREE printable was removed by the Elf on the Shelf brand, CCA and B, LLC while we discuss copyright compliance. We apologize for the inconvenience. If we are permitted to add the template again, as we were permitted in the past, the links will be readded below.

*UPDATE Dec. 06, 2019 – Unfortunately, Elf on the Shelf brand will not allow us to repost the FREE mini book printable we’ve been sharing since 2014. This Christmas 2019, Elf on the Shelf used our idea of the mini book and created their own. You may purchase their version at the current listed price of $39.00 on Amazon.com.

*UPDATE Nov. 2020 – Elf on the Shelf released printable mini books. It is only one page, but it is an improvement in comparison to the $39.00 plastic version. You can find it here: ElfOnTheShelf.com

If you have any questions, please contact us, visit our Etsy Shop FabYULEus Elf Duo, or visit our Facebook Group Elf Academy where we offer lots of free printables, share ideas, offer prop purchase locations, etc.

Please read the terms of use below. You may download the elf-sized “Elf on the Shelf” book template here:

  1. Book Instructions
  2. Book Cover
  3. Pages Part 1
  4. Pages Part 2

TERMS OF USE:  You may use this printable for non-profit and PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell this template or assembled books from this template. A link back is always appreciated. It’s our wish to share this template for free in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, so please help us continue to do so. Thank you and Merry Christmas!  

Photo courtesy of Lisa Mingo.