Elf Return Ornament Arch

In preparation for @jamesandholly.eots elves’ arrival, their family made an ornament arch, which was later sent to the FabYULEus Elf Duo. In fact, James and Holly’s family made another one this year because it was so popular. Please follow their steps below to make your very own elf return ornament arch.


  • One wreath circle (Whichever size of your choosing)
  • Small letters if you want words on your arch (Mine are wood & are from Hobby Lobby (USA)
  • Ornaments (All of mine are from the Dollar Tree (USA) and stock up on these. You go through them quick. My arch took 52 ornaments to make. Buy more than you think you’ll need.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. (Buy more than you think you’ll need.)
  • Mini Pom Poms to fill in empty spots on your arch.


1. Cut a piece off of the bottom of the wreath circle to make it look more like an arch. This is completely optional. Save this spare piece for step 7.

2. Remove the tops off of the ornaments. This step is a bit of a hassle but makes the ornaments much easier to glue on later.

3. Begin gluing on the ornaments in a cluster. It does not have to be perfect. You will have hot glue strings along the way too.

4. Once you glue half of the ornaments on, take a break. This is a very time consuming project, and your back will thank you.

5. Continue gluing the ornaments for the second half of the arch. If you would like to fill in some of the gaps, put mini pom poms in to cover them up. The Pom poms I used are just from the Dollar Tree (USA).

6. Time for the letters. I’ll be honest, both times I’ve made these arches, the letters are the hardest part to get right. Last year, I got mini letter ornaments from Hobby Lobby (USA) but they didn’t bring them in this year. I am using small wooden letters from Hobby Lobby instead. First, lay the letters out the way you want them to look on the completed ornament arch before gluing. Then go ahead and glue once you like how the placement looks. It is very, very hard to get them even as my letters here don’t even line up perfectly so go easy on yourself.

7. Another follower added a useful step that I thought was worth mentioning here. The piece that was removed from the wreath to form the arched shape can be hot glued to the back to serve as a stand.

8. Viola! Your arch is complete and ready to be used for your elf arrival or farewell!

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