Restoring the Magic of an Elf

It is unfortunate that this sweet little elf had burn marks on his white mittens, as well as staining on his white bib and hat. That, however, is nothing that can’t be resolved by the FabYULEus Elf Duo! As a way of restoring some glimmer and magic back to his life, we decided to replace his white trim with lime green trim. We are confident that The Grinch would approve of our color choice. His look was completed with a matching mistletoe embellishment and retrofitted for standing and posing. He now looks as spiffy as the day his family adopted him from the store.

Taylor’s Unique Christmas Plaid Elf

There is no doubt that this is a unique and special elf. He wears a one-of-a-kind black and red Christmas plaid jumper. In addition to being retrofitted for standing or posing, FabYULEus Elf Duo hand-sewed his plaid jumper. This little elf was commissioned for Taylor, who is a very special person to the FabYULEus Elf Duo. There is great anticipation in this little elf’s heart as he makes his journey to his new home to meet Taylor.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox

It’s hard to believe only twenty days remain until the first of December. In light of this, are you prepared to welcome the return of your elf? With Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, you can enhance your holiday decorations or elf adventures this year with a touch of North Pole magic.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is a magical device that harmoniously pairs with Santa’s little helpers. This magical mailbox miraculously sends letters directly to the big man at the North Pole. Children simply place their letter into Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox, close the door, raise the arm, and a magical jingle sounds, and presto – the letter quickly vanishes. A true Christmas miracle whisks the letter away and transports it to the North Pole right before their eyes!

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is offering a limited time promo code exclusively to FabYULEus Elf Duo followers. To receive 10% off, visit and enter promo code SEMFAM2021. And don’t forget to download the FREE BOOK!

In 2019, our elves delivered Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox for the first time. In the month of November, our children eagerly anticipate the delivery of Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox so that they can remain in contact with Santa throughout the holiday season. Our children have been captivated by this magical mailbox and are always excited to share it with their friends and family. Christmas in our family is not complete without this mailbox.

An image of when our family’s elves delivered Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox in 2019.

Dear Exploitive Elf Brand…

Recently, hundreds of our family’s pictures of our elves adventures were removed from our social media accounts by a specific elf company. It is not even necessary to name the company since we are not the only fans that have been targeted. This has become common practice for this company. Due to fans sharing images of their brand of elf, the company has deleted countless photographs and closed social networking accounts and groups.

Our family wishes we were able to travel back in time and adopt a different brand of elf. Unfortunately, our children have welcomed this brand of elf into their hearts and are reluctant to adopt from a competing brand that is less restrictive towards their customers.

We published a collection of photographs of our family’s elf adventures on our social media pages so that our children could reminisce about past elf mischief, share them with friends, and document our family’s holiday traditions. Our children have been deeply impacted by the loss of all these wonderful family memories.

My question for this company is: What is the point of adopting your brand of elf if you do not allow your customers to capture these memories and share them with family and friends on social media? By deleting the photographic memories of your customers, you have not only damaged the Christmas magic for countless children, but you have also gained nothing in return.

Elf Return Ornament Arch

In preparation for @jamesandholly.eots elves’ arrival, their family made an ornament arch, which was later sent to the FabYULEus Elf Duo. In fact, James and Holly’s family made another one this year because it was so popular. Please follow their steps below to make your very own elf return ornament arch.


  • One wreath circle (Whichever size of your choosing)
  • Small letters if you want words on your arch (Mine are wood & are from Hobby Lobby (USA)
  • Ornaments (All of mine are from the Dollar Tree (USA) and stock up on these. You go through them quick. My arch took 52 ornaments to make. Buy more than you think you’ll need.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. (Buy more than you think you’ll need.)
  • Mini Pom Poms to fill in empty spots on your arch.


1. Cut a piece off of the bottom of the wreath circle to make it look more like an arch. This is completely optional. Save this spare piece for step 7.

2. Remove the tops off of the ornaments. This step is a bit of a hassle but makes the ornaments much easier to glue on later.

3. Begin gluing on the ornaments in a cluster. It does not have to be perfect. You will have hot glue strings along the way too.

4. Once you glue half of the ornaments on, take a break. This is a very time consuming project, and your back will thank you.

5. Continue gluing the ornaments for the second half of the arch. If you would like to fill in some of the gaps, put mini pom poms in to cover them up. The Pom poms I used are just from the Dollar Tree (USA).

6. Time for the letters. I’ll be honest, both times I’ve made these arches, the letters are the hardest part to get right. Last year, I got mini letter ornaments from Hobby Lobby (USA) but they didn’t bring them in this year. I am using small wooden letters from Hobby Lobby instead. First, lay the letters out the way you want them to look on the completed ornament arch before gluing. Then go ahead and glue once you like how the placement looks. It is very, very hard to get them even as my letters here don’t even line up perfectly so go easy on yourself.

7. Another follower added a useful step that I thought was worth mentioning here. The piece that was removed from the wreath to form the arched shape can be hot glued to the back to serve as a stand.

8. Viola! Your arch is complete and ready to be used for your elf arrival or farewell!

Santa “Better Watch Out”

Santa loads his mouse traps,
With scrumptious candy canes.
For an elf at the pole,
This doesn’t seem humane.

*DISCLAIMER: No elves were harmed in the making of this video.


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Aspen Cove Christmas Bonfire

We’re dreaming of an Aspen Cove Christmas collection! Gray elves are now available for adoption at Hobby Lobby. These delightful elves are part of Hobby Lobby’s Aspen Cove Christmas collection. Aspen Cove Christmas is a whimsical theme of gray, white, and beige, inspired by sophisticated glamour and rustic cabin charm.

Christmas elves from Aspen Cove wear gray jumpsuits, gray and white knit stocking caps with Sherpa brims, as well as Sherpa mittens. Gray and white knit shirts adorn the girl elves, which can be removed so that another skirt may be worn. Their cheeks are chubby and exaggerated, which contributes to their joyful smile. In addition to their elegant and charming appearance, the Aspen Cove Christmas elves will add a touch of whimsy to any home.


Only a few days after their release, the Aspen Cove Christmas elves were removed from Hobby Lobby shelves. A representative from Hobby Lobby confirmed that the product was not removed because of a safety recall, but would not elaborate any further. If you were fortunate enough to have adopted an Aspen Cove Christmas elf before their removal, you may take comfort knowing that they are safe for use. Some speculation suggests that the Aspen Cove Christmas elves were removed in response to a claim of infringement made by another popular elf company. You may consider yourself extremely privileged to have acquired such a rare elf.

Elf Friends by My Magical Moments

We are happy to be able to reveal a long kept secret. We are proud to announce this year’s Wreath of Excellence Prizes! A new series of elves called Elf Friends by My Magical Moments. They have been prewired with FabYULEus Elf Duo’s Patent Pending Elf Wire Method, so they can pose and stand. Details and photos will soon follow, so be on the look out in our Facebook group, Elf Academy.

My Magical Moments

If you recognize this little elf, it’s because he belongs to the popular elf influencer, My Magical Moments. FabYULEus Elf Duo feels very honored to have been given the opportunity to wire their elves. They will be traveling back home to Australia this week. If you haven’t visited My Magical Moments, please head on over to: