Elf-Sized Christmas Book


Photo courtesy of KaylaLoves.com

*UPDATE Nov. 21, 2019The FREE printable was removed by the Elf on the Shelf brand, CCA and B, LLC while we discuss copyright compliance. We apologize for the inconvenience. If we are permitted to add the template again, as we were permitted in the past, the links will be readded below.

*UPDATE Dec. 06, 2019 – Unfortunately, Elf on the Shelf brand will not allow us to repost the FREE mini book printable we’ve been sharing since 2014. This Christmas 2019, Elf on the Shelf used our idea of the mini book and created their own. You may purchase their version at the current listed price of $39.00 on Amazon.com.

*UPDATE Nov. 2020 – Elf on the Shelf released printable mini books. It is only one page, but it is an improvement in comparison to the $39.00 plastic version. You can find it here: ElfOnTheShelf.com

If you have any questions, please contact us, visit our Etsy Shop FabYULEus Elf Duo, or visit our Facebook Group Elf Academy where we offer lots of free printables, share ideas, offer prop purchase locations, etc.

Please read the terms of use below. You may download the elf-sized “Elf on the Shelf” book template here:

  1. Book Instructions
  2. Book Cover
  3. Pages Part 1
  4. Pages Part 2

TERMS OF USE:  You may use this printable for non-profit and PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell this template or assembled books from this template. A link back is always appreciated. It’s our wish to share this template for free in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, so please help us continue to do so. Thank you and Merry Christmas!  

Photo courtesy of Lisa Mingo.

89 thoughts on “Elf-Sized Christmas Book

  1. I’m so sad to hear about the copyright issues. I was fortunate to download the mini book (with all the pages vs. new branded version with limited pages) prior to the shut down. How disappointing!


  2. I have just discovered your website and am deeply saddened to hear of your copyright issues with CCA and B, LLC. I have worked for several years in copyright compliance within the tertiary educational sector. I understand from a company perspective why they took issue with you offering their brand, however there are other ways they could have approached that instead of forcing you to remove the resource altogether. As a mum I agree with the other comments – what Grinches! Clearly their hearts are about 10 sizes too small! Back to a copyright perspective, it may have been their brand, but the idea of the mini book is actually your idea, and you can prove that. That means that you now have a copyright claim against them. If you wanted to play hard ball you could either have them remove the mini book from the market, or force payment of a royalty to you on each minibook sold…..Food for thought. Thank you for such lovely ideas and a great website/blog. 🙂 Good luck

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  3. Thank you so much for your super cute elf props! It’s such a shame that EOTS forced you to take down a FREE resource, only to turn around and offer a crappy knock off for so much money! I wish I had found this sooner, because now that my kids are old enough for EOTS the resource is gone.

    Thank you for all of the fantastic elf ideas!


    • Having been made aware of the very aggressive and unfair way that EOTS conduct their business I will never buy a product of theirs, and we never have. EOTS may have created a doll with a book, but parents have made the tradition what it is. It’s parents that have created the magic of the elf, not EOTS. To steal such creative ideas from true fans who aim to inspire and spread joy from free printables is just disgusting, it’s children that are missing out not your corporation. Shame on you EOTS. Your products look very cheap and mass produced, nothing like the original ideas you stole. They had true character.

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  5. They certainly don’t have the Christmas spirit by asking you to take it down. I am so glad I got a copy a few years ago. Honestly, everything ETOS does is paper cuts and its done cheaply. My elf doesn’t even fit in their chair. They should be hiring people like you, you inspired people like me to spend all their money on elf props.


  6. Very thankful that I printed this several years ago for our elf and disappointed that I can no longer direct my friends with new elves to this post, especially since the EOTS brand’s version is a overpriced, cheaply-made blank rather than this beautiful full story. Sad that the magic of Christmas comes down to dollar signs. I will continue to refer friends for your other wonderful printables and ideas. Thankful for all you do to keep the Christmas spirit alive!


    • I’m so sad a friend refused to return the one I printed years ago. I bought EOTS version and it’s literally just a 2 page thing not even the real one. I am literally crying that I don’t have this printable anymore. Your site has been my go to. I absolutely love your ideas ❤️


  7. I too wish I had found this incredible post before they refused to allow you to give children a little something extra when their elves come to visit! I have 6 kids and I cannot afford $39 for a small version of the book – that’s the cost of the actual elf if I’m not mistaken… I am so sorry that you are no longer able to do this, but I hope you have a truly wonderful, blessed Christmas this year (2020 – this year has not been a great one for most with quarantines and everything…)! Take care and stay safe – all the best!


  8. Wow, wish I would have seen this sooner! I just tried to purchase from amazon and seen someone comment it’s only a front and back of book and then when you open it, it’s just pages on the other side of the cover pages. What a joke! I’m totally going to take advantage of your other elf printables! Thank you for all you do!!


  9. I came across your blog when looking for new ideas for our elf and was excited about the mini-book printable until I read that the link had to be removed. How sad that the Elf on the Shelf company is taking away the joy of sharing this adorable little book with elf loving families that are looking into inexpensive ways to create fun for our children. Thank you Amy for your creativity and for trying to offer this free printable to us!


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  11. I was looking for some EOTS ideas and came across your printable book. I’m sorry to hear the company is treating you this way and outraged that they took your idea. I will be thinking twice about purchasing “their” products in the future.


  12. I don’t foresee buying anything else from Elf on the Shelf. I wanted a copy, but I’m not paying the outrageous prices the company charges for everything they create for the elves to use.


  13. What a shame!! I was so hoping you’d be able to re-ad the links. Looks like I found your website just a little too late. I saw the one that the company was selling and didn’t like it too much. It’s all basically cardboard cutouts. Thanks for offering it while you could💕


  14. I used your link for the free newspaper, can you please re-upload the instructions! I cant figure this out 🙂
    And as a poster mentioned above I wish I would have got the link to your printable 2 years ago before it became unavailable.


      • I am SHOCKED they would be so rude!!! Gosh, that is such a disappointment on their part to paying customers! It’s not like we didn’t pay to use their product in the first place! Darn their Christmas ‘non giving’ spirt! LOL


    • I’ve emailed the address on the notice from Elf on the Shelf several times, but they continue to ignore my requests for response. It’s frustrating they’d let their fans and customers down during this important time of year. I don’t understand the reason for the DMC takedown against a FREE printable template. I’m not making a profit off their material in any way. Years ago, I agreed I would not sell the template when they served the first DMC takedown. They’ve allowed me to provide it for free for many years. I believe it has to do with their recent release of my idea by their own brand. They can’t sell their new $15 mini elf book prop if I’m providing a better version for free.


      • You couldn’t by chance email it to me could you? I would love it as a prop for my kid’s elf. This is our first year and this would be so neat for it to have a mini book like theirs.


    • I am not seeing a viable link. Is the note: *UPDATE – The template is removed while we discuss copyright compliance with the Elf on the Shelf brand, CCA and B, LLC. We apologize for the inconvenience. If we are permitted to add the template again, as we were permitted in the past, the links will be readded here:…. currently the issue?


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    • Right below the photo that says, “You may download the free Elf-Sized “Elf on the Shelf” Book here:

      Book Cover
      Pages Part 1
      Pages Part 2”


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    • You did a wonderful job putting the book together! Thank you for the link back; it’s much appreciated. I will add your link to my blog and Facebook page too!


  20. Hi!
    Thank’s so much for this lovely tiny book! I made it tonight for my two children=) Our elf Nicholas are reading it for the minions under the christmas tree, they will love it when they see him in the morning (it’s night in Sweden rignt now).
    So thank’s alot from a swedish follower ❤

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    • Awwww… thank you for sharing your elf story! I always like to hear from my followers! It’s my pleasure to spread Christmas elf magic! I hope your children enjoy the miniature book! Merry Christmas!


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  22. So cute!!! I just printed the book out and can’t wait until tomorrow when my first grade class finds the elf. They will so excited to see the tiny book! We only have 2 days left before break. Thank you for your generosity.


    • Awww… what a perfect accessory for a school elf (reading a book)! You’ll have to let me know what the children say! You are welcome! I enjoy making elf props for our elves. I wish to share the printables I make, so others may enjoy them too. It makes me happy when I see photos of other elves who have used the printables on my blog. Definitely a way of spreading Christmas cheer!


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