The Results Are In!

๊ง ๐•ฏ๐–Š๐–ˆ๐–Š๐–’๐–‡๐–Š๐–— โ‘กโ‘ข ๊ง‚

Tonight is the night,
Itโ€™s finally come!
The results are in,
Please roll the drum.

Santaโ€™s final list,
Appears on the board.
Those whoโ€™ve been nice,
Will get a reward.

The reward of toys,
Left under the tree.
The ones requested,
While upon his knee.

But we must remember,
Santa can change his mind.
So clean up your room,
If youโ€™d be so kind.

Put away your things,
And clear a safe space,
So Santa wonโ€™t trip,
And fall on his face!


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