Aspen Cove Christmas Bonfire

We’re dreaming of an Aspen Cove Christmas collection! Gray elves are now available for adoption at Hobby Lobby. These delightful elves are part of Hobby Lobby’s Aspen Cove Christmas collection. Aspen Cove Christmas is a whimsical theme of gray, white, and beige, inspired by sophisticated glamour and rustic cabin charm.

Christmas elves from Aspen Cove wear gray jumpsuits, gray and white knit stocking caps with Sherpa brims, as well as Sherpa mittens. Gray and white knit shirts adorn the girl elves, which can be removed so that another skirt may be worn. Their cheeks are chubby and exaggerated, which contributes to their joyful smile. In addition to their elegant and charming appearance, the Aspen Cove Christmas elves will add a touch of whimsy to any home.


Only a few days after their release, the Aspen Cove Christmas elves were removed from Hobby Lobby shelves. A representative from Hobby Lobby confirmed that the product was not removed because of a safety recall, but would not elaborate any further. If you were fortunate enough to have adopted an Aspen Cove Christmas elf before their removal, you may take comfort knowing that they are safe for use. Some speculation suggests that the Aspen Cove Christmas elves were removed in response to a claim of infringement made by another popular elf company. You may consider yourself extremely privileged to have acquired such a rare elf.

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