Warming Up on a Winter Day

꧁ π•―π–Šπ–ˆπ–Šπ–’π–‡π–Šπ–— ❼ ꧂
As the winter wind blows,
The fire’s warm inside.
Come heat thy cold rump,
And toast to the Yuletide.

Cocoas in the kettle,
The stove is piping hot.
There is no better place,
Except here in this spot.


A link back to FabYULEusElfDuo.com is appreciated, so we may continue to share ideas, inspiration, and free printables.

2 thoughts on “Warming Up on a Winter Day

  1. Another adorable scene! I just love that pot belly stove. I thought you’d disappeared yesterday, so I’m glad to read it was just a name change. Your photos cheer me each day.


    • Thank you! I am so happy to hear our elves put you in the Christmas spirit! It is our goal to share the holiday spirit in our home with others. Yes, we are still here. We kept the name FabYULEus Elf Duo but removed the old name A Little of This That. I just made sense and was to confusing to keep both. Happy Holidays!


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