Come Join Elf Academy!

If you are seeking elaborate elf ideas or would like to share your own creative ideas with a community of elf artists, you must join us in Elf Academy Facebook Groups. Those who wish to merely observe the Christmas magic unfold are always welcome too. Compared to other elf Facebook groups, Elf Academy is home to the most talented elf artists.

The Elf Academy scholars provide support, motivation, and elf-esteem during those late hours in December. However, it is not uncommon for our group to remain very active throughout the entire year with the sharing of new elf ideas, crafting, templates, printables, resources, and prop finds. Nor is it uncommon for Elf Academy elves to appear during other holidays throughout the year.

Aside from that, Elf Academy administrators organize prize giveaways, elf shop discounts, and other special events to keep group members engaged throughout the year. Prior to Elf Return Week 2020, for instance, the group members collaborated to produce the Pass the Elf Challenge video. (Update made 12/6/21: In 2021, the group members produced Post Cards from Elf Academy. Update made 12/3/22: In 2022, the group members produced Elves in Motion.) In addition to receiving widespread attention online, this video was a huge success among Elf Academy members.

We welcome you to attend and make newly found friends who share your interests and enthusiasm for the Christmas elf culture.

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