Professional Elf Surgery: Enables Elf to Stand & Pose

Whether you need your elf repaired or would like your elf to STAND AND POSE like the FabYULEus Elf Duo, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2014, FabYULEus Elf Duo has been repairing and retrofitting elves with steel. Please don’t confuse our services with low-cost competitors who only wire elves to be bendable. We are thee ONLY provider protected by and equipped with Patent Pending technology that enables an elf to both STAND AND POSE. It is true that our option is more costly due to the labor-intensive process involved in retrofitting elves to STAND AND POSE. Even so, our hundreds of satisfied customers and their reviews speak for themselves. It will be our pleasure to enhance the Christmas Magic of your elf as well!

Your elf can be REPAIRED, REBODYED, RETROFITTED to STAND & POSE, or any combination of these using our PATENT PENDING technology. The following options are described below:

What’s The Difference?

REPAIR – We repair minor damage such as, but not limited to, patching small holes, stitching holes, removing minor stains, shaving pilling, etc.

REBODY – We replace an elf’s worn-out body with a new one if it was badly damaged. Damage such as, but not limited to, burns, large tears, major stains, etc.

RETROFIT– We are thee ONLY provider protected by and equipped with PATENT PENDING technology that enables easy positioning and standing. Frustrating late nights posing the elf are about to be a thing of the past! Once retrofitted, the elf can stand with assistance when propped against an object, or doll shoes can be used to assist in balancing the elf to stand independently.


Step 1) VISIT. Come vist our Etsy Shop:

Step 2) PURCHASE. Select the option for your Elf Surgery: Repair, Rebody, Retrofit, or any combination. If purchasing a rebody, select the new body color.

Step 3) SHIP. Please message our shop after purchase. You will receive the North Pole Surgery Center address where you may ship your elf. We strongly recommend purchasing tracking and signature delivery when shipping your elf. We would be devastated if your elf was lost in the mail system. Shipment shall be limited to the elf only. Do not include any additional accessories, the elf’s book, or storage box. We cover the shipping costs within the United States, related to the elf’s journey home only. We will not provide shipping for the elf’s book or storage box if they are included with the elf. This is due to the fact that these items are heavy and pricy to ship.

Step 4) SURGERY. While we perform our Patent Pending Method, each elf spends around four to five hours in surgery. Costs include all materials, labor, and shipping within the United States.

Step 5) HEART. Each elf is stuffed with a magical Christmas heart, so their magic reemerges after surgery.

Step 6) HOME BOUND. Upon completion, we will ship your improved elf back to you with important care instructions. We cover the shipping costs, within the United States, related to the elf’s journey home only. We can typically return an elf within 1 to 3 weeks after arrival at our North Pole Surgery Center. The estimated arrival date ultimately depends on how quickly a customer sends their elf to us.


Read our customers reviews:

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