Professional Elf Surgery

Welcome and how FabYULEus you found us!

Santa demonstrates the usefulness of the FabYULEus Elf Duo service in this short video.
When Chuckie and Bella visited our workshop, they were in an overly-loved condition.

If your elf could use some repair or if you’d like your elf to stand and strike amazing poses like the FabYULEus Elf Duo, you’ve come to the right place! FabYULEus Elf Duo has been retrofitting and repairing elves since 2014. We look forward to helping you as well. Your Christmas Elf can be REPAIRED, REBODYED, RETROFITTED, or any combination of these using our Patent Pending methods. Options are explained below:

We have helped many elves over the years!

REPAIR – We repair minor damage such as, but not limited to, patching small holes, stitching holes, removing minor stains, shave pilling, etc.

REBODY – We replace an elf’s worn-out body with a new one if it was badly damaged. Damage such as, but not limited to, burns, large tears, major stains, etc.

We can RETROFIT your elf for posing and standing.

RETROFIT– We have a Patent Pending way to retrofit the inside of an elf’s body, which allows easy positioning and standing. Frustrating late nights posing the elf are about to be a thing of the past! Once retrofitted, the elf can stand when propped up against an object, or doll shoes can be used to help balance the elf to stand independently.

We can RETROFIT & REBODY your elf!

How it works:
Step 1) VISIT. Come vist our Etsy Shop:

Step 2) PURCHASE. Select the option for your Elf Surgery: Repair, Rebody, Retrofit, or any combination. If purchasing a rebody, select the new body color.

Step 3) SHIP. Please message our shop after purchase. You will receive the Elf Hospital address where you may ship your elf. We strongly recommend purchasing tracking and signature delivery when shipping your elf. We would be devastated if your elf was lost in the mail system.

Retrofit & Rebody

Step 4) SURGERY. While we perform our Patent Pending Method, each elf spends around three to five hours in surgery. Costs include all materials, labor, and shipping within the United States.

Step 5) HEART. Each elf is stuffed with a magical Christmas heart, so their magic reemerges after surgery.

Magical Christmas Heart

Step 6) HOME BOUND. Upon completion, we will ship your improved elf back to you and supply tracking and insurance. In an attempt to preserve the environment, we recycle packaging materials when possible.

Step 7) GET CREATIVE. Show your children what their new elf can do! Frustrating late nights posing the elf are about to be a thing of the past!

Retrofit & Rebody

Step 8) STORAGE. We recommend straightening the wires inside before changing the pose each night and before storing the elf. Please straighten the wires in what we like to call the T-position. It is best to position the arms horizontally or straight out away from the body, as shown by the horizontal line in a capital T. Ensure the legs are vertical and in a standing position, as shown by the vertical line in a capital T. Remove any remaining bend in the wire. Unless the wire is straightened after each pose, repeated bending will cause the wire to snap, coil inside, and become less stable.

Retrofit & Rebody

Step 9) HELP. Shall you order a rebody, pieces of the donor elf doll are not wasted. The spare heads are donated. Two, thoughtful women are providing their valuable time to make dolls for children in need. More information on this to come. The below photo shows one box, out of many boxes, of leftover heads from this season alone.

Heads are donated to dollmakers whom craft dolls for children in need.

Shall you find purchasing our surgical assistance in our Etsy Shop out of your budget, not to worry! We have created a YouTube tutorial that walks you through each and every step. *UPDATE: Our apologies, THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED; however, we are thrilled to announce that our Retrofit and Rebody Methods are officially PATENT PENDING!

Please visit our website here to see more photos of elves we’ve helped.

We were excited about the Elf Mates released by Elf on the Shelf in 2019; however, we were not impressed with their “flat feet” and printed outfits. We rebodied and retrofit all three.
Retrofit only.
Retrofit and Rebody of Elves Behaving Badly elves.
Retrofit of NFL Team Elf.
Retrofit and Rebody of a Vintage Elf
Retrofit and Rebody of Elves Behaving Badly elf.
Retrofit of five inch American Girl Doll elf.
Retrofit and Rebody of a Vintage Elf for an Instagram influencer, @advent.elf.
Retrofit only of Hobby Lobby’s Aspen Cove elves.
Retrofit and Rebody of a vintage elf.
Retrofit only.
Retrofit, Rebody, and Boy to Girl Elf Transformation.
Retrofit and Handmade Christmas Plaid Jumpsuit.
These elves use to be Christmas stocking hangers. They’ve been retrofitted, given new jumpers, and additional flair.

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