Elf Mates Remix!

Last year we were so excited to learn the Elf on the Shelf brand was introducing three new elves called Elf Mates.

There’s the Chef who’s costume is decorated in red and light blue. It’s said he is always “cooking up a dose of good cheer.”

Then there’s the Toy Maker who’s costume is adorned with green and khaki. He’s described as a “clever and crafty inventor”.

Finally, there’s the Cobbler. He’s dressed in yellow and green and has a knack for “working with shoes, clothing, and fabric”.

The Elf Mates are exclusively sold at Poundland in the UK. Living in the United States, we had to find a way to get our hands on them. Thankfully many people were selling them on eBay.

Our first impression of the Elf Mates wasn’t great. We adored their new faces and different hair colors, but we were not impressed with their flat boots and imprinted costumes. However, none of that mattered to us. We like to upcycle vintage elves, so the Elf Mates were no different. We thought long and hard how to improve upon our Elf Mates. We wanted to keep their color scheme and their costumes to have some resemblance to their originals. We turned to our favorite elf costume maker, Yari at Yari’s Crafty Corner, to discuss our ideas. Yari took what was in our head and created our vision in felt costume. Of course the Elf Mates went under the knife and had Elf Surgery. So what do you think of our Elf Mate Remix?

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