Elf on the Shelf Stop Motion Animation

If you haven’t seen Eric Erickson’s Elf on the Shelf stop-motion animations, well than you are seriously missing out. They are true masterpieces. You can find him on Instagram @loadofscrap. I have so many favorites including his Gangnam Style, Adams Family, Take On Me, Clueless, Wizard of Oz, Brady Bunch, Thriller, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Madonna… well… just too many to name. You must see them for yourself!

Here is his newest work of art, Home Alone:

Eric shared this below photo with our group, Elf Academy. Eric was up late hand making the wallpaper you see in the video above.

To fully understand and appreciate the time, patience, and creativity stop-motion animation takes, watch the end of this video:

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, Elf Academy, then you are missing out on the Christmas magic many creative parents and fans have to offer.

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