Elf on the Shelf Jurassic Park

Eric and Melissa Morrison welcome us all to their Elf Jurassic Park!

The husband and wife elf scene creators followed an instructional video filmed by Douglas Tonelli; however, the instructional video isn’t in English. Melissa said, “We didn’t have a translator. Eric did it by watching, and watching, and watching the video.” Tonelli provides a Google Drive document to download, but Melissa explained “It was so small, we enlarged his scale on the copier to 160%.” Talk about commitment to this project for their six year old son who is a fan of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park.

Below is a photo of their project in the light and without the foliage for an up close perspective of their creation.

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, Elf Academy, then you are missing out on the Christmas magic many creative parents and fans have to offer.

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