Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox: A Charming Addition to Santa’s Elves.

Our family loves our Christmas elves. Creating a miniature world with our elves takes a lot of time, but Christmas magic is alive in our home. This year our family has added even more Christmas wonder. Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox is a magical device that pairs wonderfully with Santa’s little helpers. Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox miraculously sends letters directly to the big man at the North Pole. Children put their letters in the magical mailbox, close the door, raise the arm, and voilĂ ! True Christmas magic whisks the letter away to the North Pole. After the enchanted music ends and the mailbox is reopened, they will see their letters have magically disappeared right before their eyes! This magical mailbox has genuinely captivated our children’s interest and they are excited to share it with family and friends. Santa better prepare himself for all the letters he’s about to receive in the coming month. This mailbox truly is a charming addition to our family’s Christmas traditions.

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox can be purchased online at Every order comes with a FREE e-copy of “Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox” printable book.

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